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Field Service Software

Field Service Software

Why is the work order management software so critical? Any project manager will tell you that it is tough to maintain hundreds of repair and maintenance jobs while keeping track of field technicians. The result of manual field orders will be riddled with errors and take plenty of time to resolve. We advise all field service industries to use the field service software for scheduling, ultimately reducing delays, miscommunications, and inaccurate data. Here are a couple of ways the software will ease your management processes.

Reasons ServiceBox is the best for field service

Automate data intelligence

The best field service software has automated processes for you to take the work out of entering hundreds of manual data. An example is limiting the amount of overtime pay on each technician by simply regulating the maximum hours of work each week. This automation saves you the trouble of calculating the exact amount of pay you can afford.

Another intelligent service is you will know how to assign resources to particular tasks and technicians. These resources will typically match the technician’s skills to allow easy execution of each job. Additionally, it will be easier for another technician to schedule their work around the availability of that particular resource.

Minimize misunderstandings

Many repair and maintenance jobs involve manual data entry like phone calls or texts. The field service management software prevents miscommunication because one can immediately enter the correct details when you receive a new order. The team will also have a smooth job rotation schedule because you will know the exact location of each technician and resource.

Manage small office tasks

A field service software can work on many mobile devices like the phone or tablet, which is beneficial for you to access different system elements at moments of need. You can access and manage some details, including invoice generation, receipts, digital signatures, and tracking quotes. You do not have to get to the office for these tedium minute processes and can still enter the correct data with minimal or no errors.

Faster job planning

The field service requires the contractor to manage ongoing tasks, schedule new ones and plan detailed consultation speed. The field service management tools are a definite upgrade from handwritten tickets because you can log in to all processes efficiently. In addition, automatic data entry and processing allow your firm to execute tasks efficiently.

Improve productivity

Data analytics support better training because you can use the report to determine the struggle of each employee. For example, some technicians may have trouble keeping time, while others may struggle to redo the same job every time they need technical training.

Work order software is critical software for rearranging project details to improve productivity. You must pick the right software to monitor your orders, especially when you have a complicated work schedule. Call 888-727-4983 for more information on our different software and request a demo for an overview of the different processes.  

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