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Product development company

Product development company


The seed of a fruit is useless until it is planted and grows into a ripe fruit. The same can be said of your ideas, they need to be nurtured and processed into a product that is useful to people.

The above is what product development is all about. Product development is the process of conceptualization, design, development, and commercialization of new services or products. It is breathing life into your ideas.

Your ideas are the seeds, product development is like planting those seeds to become fruitful, and the consumer products created is like the ripe fruit produced.

If you want your ideas to be nurtured and processed into excellent products then you need to entrust your ideas to a proven product development company.


The process of Product Development

The best product development companies follow a set of proven systematic steps in developing your concepts into products. At Tarlow Design, we follow a holistic approach to design products. This is basically following a step-by-step method while working simultaneously on all aspects of the product development process.

The first step in product development lays the foundation for which the entire process is built on. So, it is important that it is rock solid.

Our first step involves evaluating the product. Our rigorous product evaluation involves investigating product marketability, competition, production costs, safety concerns, and patentability.

To do this, we perform a product feasibility study, a product success test analysis to know the potential strength and weaknesses of your idea, and a product success puzzle to ascertain if your product has everything it needs to be a success.

Once your product has been evaluated, we start working on a prototype. Prototypes are vital to product development because we need to become realistic about the idea, test and confirm the components of your products.

If your product’s prototype checks out, we push on with the design using our Solidworks CAD software. With manufacturing in mind, we design all parts of the product so they can be made effectively.

Manufacturing and marketing are the final steps now that we have designed your product. Some people prefer to manufacture and market their product themselves but if that’s not an option for you, no worries, we will license your idea to a manufacturing company and you earn a percentage for each item sold.

In our thirty years developing over 500 products, we have worked with several reliable manufacturing companies across the globe. We will hook you up with one product manufacturing partners.

Whatever method of you pick for making money off your products, we will work with you.


Why should you work with Tarlow Designs

We are an award-winning product development company with over 30 years’ experience in product design and development. We have co-patented and developed over 500 products including Tea Magic, Skike, Airform Dental Chair, and The Doughnut Factory.

Are you an entrepreneur, inventor or corporation looking for an experienced product development company to breathe life into your ideas and convert them to excellent consumer products? Please email us at [email protected] or call at 415-726-1354

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